Twelve Days of Christmas 2019 Progress

One TT Cup Of CoffeeOne TT Cup Of Coffee
Challenge 1
One TT Cup Of Coffee
One trophy flagged 'Time Consuming' or 'Collectable'
Two Free to PlayTwo Free to Play
Challenge 2
Two Free to Play
Two trophies from Free to Play games
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Three French DevsThree French Devs
Challenge 3
Three French Devs
Three trophies from games developed by French developers
Four Selfish PopsFour Selfish Pops
Challenge 4
Four Selfish Pops
Four trophies flagged 'Host Only'
Five Gold TrophiesFive Gold Trophies
Challenge 5
Five Gold Trophies
Five gold trophies
Six Secret TrophiesSix Secret Trophies
Challenge 6
Six Secret Trophies
Six trophies that are hidden
Seven Bronze A SoloSeven Bronze A Solo
Challenge 7
Seven Bronze A Solo
Seven bronze trophies flagged 'Single Player'
Eight Redone ActionsEight Redone Actions
Challenge 8
Eight Redone Actions
Eight trophies flagged 'Cumulative +' or 'Cumulative -'
Nine Ladies ShoppingNine Ladies Shopping
Challenge 9
Nine Ladies Shopping
Nine trophies flagged 'Shop'
Ten Open WorldersTen Open Worlders
Challenge 10
Ten Open Worlders
Ten trophies from Open World games
Eleven Bolts Of LightningEleven Bolts Of Lightning
Challenge 11
Eleven Bolts Of Lightning
Eleven trophies flagged 'Difficulty Specific'
Twelve Gamers SpellingTwelve Gamers Spelling
Challenge 12
Twelve Gamers Spelling
Spell 'FELIZ NAVIDAD' using the first character of trophies