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I've rerolled my campaign in Remnant 6 times in a row, and ran to the first boss area 6 times, and each time it has turned out to be the boss

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Level 57.37 (40.93)57.37 (40.93)

Twelve Days of Christmas 2018 Progress

Trophy from an RPGTrophy from an RPG
Challenge 1
Trophy from an RPG
One trophy from a game marked at RPG
Two Bonus ContentsTwo Bonus Contents
Challenge 2
Two Bonus Contents
Two trophies from Title Updates or DLC
Three Shiny SilversThree Shiny Silvers
Challenge 3
Three Shiny Silvers
Three silver trophies
Four Online UnlocksFour Online Unlocks
Challenge 4
Four Online Unlocks
Four trophies flagged as 'Online Game mode'
Five Gold TrophiesFive Gold Trophies
Challenge 5
Five Gold Trophies
Five gold trophies
Six PS Plus GamesSix PS Plus Games
Challenge 6
Six PS Plus Games
Six trophies in games that have been offered for free as part of a PS Plus subscription
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Seven Shooter GenresSeven Shooter Genres
Challenge 7
Seven Shooter Genres
Seven trophies from games with the shooter genre
Eights Games A MilkingEights Games A Milking
Challenge 8
Eights Games A Milking
Eight trophies flagged 'collectable'
Nine Letter SpellingNine Letter Spelling
Challenge 9
Nine Letter Spelling
C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S spelt using the first character of trophies
Ten Dudes A JumpingTen Dudes A Jumping
Challenge 10
Ten Dudes A Jumping
Ten platformer genre trophies
Eleven Great ExclusivesEleven Great Exclusives
Challenge 11
Eleven Great Exclusives
Eleven trophies from our curated exclusives list
Twelve Letter CountingTwelve Letter Counting
Challenge 12
Twelve Letter Counting
Twelve trophies that contain twelve characters exactly