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2 new trophies on Killing Floor 2. Couldn't ask for more perfect timing, for my 2nd Challenge :D

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Twelve Days of Christmas 2018 Progress

Trophy from an RPGTrophy from an RPG
Challenge 1
Trophy from an RPG
One trophy from a game marked at RPG
Two Bonus ContentsTwo Bonus Contents
Challenge 2
Two Bonus Contents
Two trophies from Title Updates or DLC
Three Shiny SilversThree Shiny Silvers
Challenge 3
Three Shiny Silvers
Three silver trophies
Four Online UnlocksFour Online Unlocks
Challenge 4
Four Online Unlocks
Four trophies flagged as 'Online Game mode'
Five Gold TrophiesFive Gold Trophies
Challenge 5
Five Gold Trophies
Five gold trophies
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Six PS Plus GamesSix PS Plus Games
Challenge 6
Six PS Plus Games
Six trophies in games that have been offered for free as part of a PS Plus subscription
Seven Shooter GenresSeven Shooter Genres
Challenge 7
Seven Shooter Genres
Seven trophies from games with the shooter genre
Eights Games A MilkingEights Games A Milking
Challenge 8
Eights Games A Milking
Eight trophies flagged 'collectable'
Challenge lockedLocked
Challenge 9
Challenge revealed in 14 hrs
Challenge lockedLocked
Challenge 10
Challenge revealed in 1 day
Challenge lockedLocked
Challenge 11
Challenge revealed in 2 days
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Challenge 12
Challenge revealed in 3 days