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TT Podcast Episode 30 - Long Lost Faves

Sorry for the long absence, folks -- we would have much rather been here chatting it up if we could! Here's a long episode to make up for it, including a chat about our favorite long lost games we'd like to see come back.

Posted 3 years ago by Brandon Fusco

A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV to Be Free Starting March 1st

Today Square Enix has revealed they will be releasing A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV a free download available to everyone starting March 1st. It was formerly a FFXV preorder bonus exclusive to select retailers.

Posted 3 years ago by Kelly Packard

Details for A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV

Did you ever want a pre-order exclusive prequel to Final Fantasy XV that you can only get at select retailers? Well, here it is, a side-scrolling brawler telling a tale of swords and sorcery before bedtime.

Posted 4 years ago by Kevin Tavore