Team Allanw1875

Start Current Period
Allanw1875 Allanw1875 3,679 93,630 134,888 3,731 94,485 135,699 52 855 811
showmomo60 showmomo60 6,608 152,070 222,989 6,619 152,265 223,181 11 195 191
Bonuses Value
Eliminated in 63rd position, 791 TT below safety 63 1,050 1,002
Best Trophies This Period TT
Allanw1875 Dead or School Complete reading Complete readingComplete collecting all the comics from Akihabara 42
Allanw1875 Dead or School Reliable partner Reliable partner3 types of drones summoned 40
Allanw1875 Dead or School Perfect timing Perfect timingAttacks evaded 100 times 39
Allanw1875 Steins;Gate (EU) (Vita) RaiNet's Mascot RaiNet's Mascot[Phone Trigger] Received 2 Upa wallpapers. 37
Allanw1875 Steins;Gate (EU) (Vita) Homerun-level Clumsiness Homerun-level ClumsinessMade 10 mistakes while attempting to set the PhoneWave (name subject to change)'s timer. 36
showmomo60 Middle-earth: Shadow of War First Steps First StepsConquer the Fortress of Núrnen. 34
showmomo60 Middle-earth: Shadow of War What Once Was Lost What Once Was LostComplete Act I. 33
Allanw1875 Dead or School Rapid fire Rapid fireThe attack speed of your weapon is over 1000 22
Allanw1875 Dead or School Full of energy Full of energyYour life is over 1500 22
Allanw1875 Dead or School Destroyer DestroyerThe attack power of your weapon is over 10,000 22