Team Teh_Paralyzer

Start Current Period
Teh_Paralyzer Teh_Paralyzer 2,409 79,785 102,557 2,456 81,225 104,899 47 1,440 2,342
probablykurt probablykurt 901 16,815 22,206 903 16,845 22,232 2 30 26
Bonuses Value
Eliminated in 47th position, 448 TT below safety 49 1,470 2,368
Best Trophies This Period TT
Teh_Paralyzer CONTRA: ROGUE CORPS We are the Rogue Corps We are the Rogue CorpsClear a mission with 4 players, each using a different character. 273
Teh_Paralyzer Sayonara Wild Hearts Scorpius B Scorpius BSolved the second Scorpius riddle 163
Teh_Paralyzer Sayonara Wild Hearts Capricornus A Capricornus ASolved the first Capricornus riddle 158
Teh_Paralyzer Sayonara Wild Hearts Taurus A Taurus ASolved the first Taurus riddle 151
Teh_Paralyzer Color Slayer (Vita) 300K Points 300K Points300K Points 94
Teh_Paralyzer Color Slayer (Vita) 250K Points 250K Points250K Points 94
Teh_Paralyzer Color Slayer (Vita) 275K Points 275K Points275K Points 94
Teh_Paralyzer CONTRA: ROGUE CORPS Full Stomach Full StomachGet a team score of 40,000 points in Ranked Match or Quick Match. 91
Teh_Paralyzer CONTRA: ROGUE CORPS Peace-Lover Peace-LoverClear a mission without shooting even once. 72
Teh_Paralyzer DJMAX RESPECT (Asia) Something..Something's happening… Something..Something's happening…Cleared 10 patterns of TECHNIKA 3 with MAX COMBO. 57