Plums UpPlums Up

Start Current Period
Retroclank-R2 Retroclank-R2 3,430 118,845 188,011 3,560 122,565 196,655 130 3,720 8,644
Badly_Worn_Toy Badly_Worn_Toy 6,243 194,655 266,454 6,300 196,920 268,843 57 2,265 2,389
Bonuses Value
Deploying Health Drone! - Here's your birthday present! Use this to administer medical aid to both team members when necessary. Deploying Health Drone! used by Retroclank-R2 2,000
Eliminated in 21st position, 2,384 TT below safety 187 5,985 13,033
Best Trophies This Period TT
Retroclank-R2 Red Faction II Revolutionary RevolutionaryUnlock all other trophies. 737
Retroclank-R2 Resident Evil Platinum Splattin' 'Em! Platinum Splattin' 'Em!Earn all trophies. 604
Retroclank-R2 Resident Evil Code: Veronica X Slayer of Evil Slayer of EvilUnlock all trophies. 560
Retroclank-R2 Red Faction II Demolisher DemolisherFinish the campaign on Hard (cheating may disable this trophy). 324
Retroclank-R2 Resident Evil Ghost of a Chance Ghost of a ChanceFinish the game in Invisible Enemy mode. 297
Retroclank-R2 Resident Evil Code: Veronica X Battle Master Battle MasterGet the Linear Launcher from Battle Game. 270
Retroclank-R2 Block-a-Pix Deluxe (Vita) Block Wise Block WiseCollect all the trophies 268
Retroclank-R2 Resident Evil Code: Veronica X Weapon Crazy Weapon CrazyGet the Rocket Launcher. 259
Retroclank-R2 Resident Evil Code: Veronica X No Time To Kill No Time To KillFinish the game in under 4 hours. 256
Retroclank-R2 Red Faction II Strong Enough to Prevail Strong Enough to PrevailFinish the campaign on Medium (cheating may disable this trophy). 224