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Kralmonharthus Kralmonharthus 2,683 64,200 106,773 2,700 64,665 107,354 17 465 581
Bonuses Value
Eliminated in 165th position, 268 TT below safety 17 465 581
Best Trophies This Period TT
Kralmonharthus Spy Hunter (Vita) Cold blooded Cold bloodedDestroy the entire convoy in the mission "Rogue" in under sixty seconds. 129
Kralmonharthus Spy Hunter (Vita) Not a scratch Not a scratchComplete a whole mission without suffering the loss of a single reactor core. 103
Kralmonharthus Spy Hunter (Vita) Shocking ShockingMake it through a mission only using the shocker weapon. 41
Kralmonharthus Spy Hunter (Vita) Float like a really heavy butterfly Float like a really heavy butterflyTravel 5 kilometres in the air. 39
Kralmonharthus Spy Hunter (Vita) Easy rider Easy riderTravel 150km 37
Kralmonharthus Spy Hunter (Vita) Sting like a metal bee Sting like a metal beeDestroy five enemies by luring them into stinger road surface traps. 36
Kralmonharthus Angry Birds Star Wars (Vita) Probe Explorer Probe Explorer1 droid level found 24
Kralmonharthus Spy Hunter (Vita) Who is this guy?! Who is this guy?!Destroy fifteen enemies in one mission. 19
Kralmonharthus Spy Hunter (Vita) I'm on a boat I'm on a boatTravel 20 kilometres on water. 19
Kralmonharthus Spy Hunter (Vita) Lock and load Lock and loadFully upgrade a weapon. 19

Kralmonharthus107,653 (64,890)England

Kralmonharthus has won 2,707 Trophies in 175 games

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