Start Current Period
OnyxVector OnyxVector 3,560 122,565 196,655 3,910 136,035 216,420 350 13,470 19,765
Bonuses Value
Medkit here! - Here's your birthday present! Use this to patch yourself up when you need it. Medkit here! used by OnyxVector 1,000
Plat's a wrap! - Awarded for earning a Platinum trophy with a ratio of 1.5 or greater by the end of Period 2. Plat's a wrap! used by OnyxVector 1,000
Multi-faceted - Awarded for earning at least 1 trophy from games spanning a total of 10 or more different genres. Multi-faceted used by OnyxVector 1,000
Sorry for the novel! - Ended the period having earned 20 or more trophies flagged as Main Storyline. Sorry for the novel! used by OnyxVector 1,000
Brand Loyalty - Awarded to individuals, who have earned a trophy in at least 5 different games that are marked PlayStation Exclusive (additional variants of the same game do not count) Brand Loyalty used by OnyxVector 1,000
Eliminated in 17th position, 23,492 TT below safety 350 13,470 24,765
Best Trophies This Period TT
OnyxVector ARK: Survival Evolved Apex Predator Apex PredatorCollect all ARK: Survival Evolved trophies! 602
OnyxVector Human: Fall Flat Human HumanUnlock all the Trophies in Human Fall Flat 465
OnyxVector ARK: Survival Evolved Survivor of The Center Survivor of The CenterYou defeated the Guardians of The Center! 383
OnyxVector OUTCAST - Second Contact All trophies obtained! All trophies obtained!Obtain all the trophies 365
OnyxVector ARK: Survival Evolved Veteran Paleontologist Veteran PaleontologistYou unlocked the Dossiers of each of ARK's initial Specimens! 289
OnyxVector Circuits Platinum PlatinumUnlock all other trophies 271
OnyxVector ARK: Survival Evolved Artifact Archaeologist Artifact ArchaeologistYou personally retrieved all the Artifacts! 240
OnyxVector ARK: Survival Evolved Alpha Ascension Alpha AscensionYou Ascended off the ARK, at Alpha level! 239
OnyxVector FreezeME THE FREEZENATOR! THE FREEZENATOR!Get all the previous trophies 232
OnyxVector Pic-a-Pix Color 2 Pic-of-the-Bunch Pic-of-the-BunchCollect all the trophies 229

OnyxVector221,489 (139,470)

OnyxVector has won 4,053 Trophies in 128 games

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