Fear and IgnoranceFear and Ignorance

Start Current Period
hibpshman hibpshman 12,976 421,950 576,939 13,069 425,910 581,596 93 3,960 4,656
SxyRxy22 SxyRxy22 5,623 189,855 237,529 5,633 190,575 238,252 10 720 723
Bonuses Value
Deploying Health Drone! - Here's your birthday present! Use this to administer medical aid to both team members when necessary. Deploying Health Drone! used by hibpshman 2,000
Spelling Bee - Awarded to teams, where *both* members spell the phrase "This is for the players" with the first letter of each unlocked trophy counting towards the phrase. (Does not have to be in one run) Spelling Bee used by hibpshman 2,000
SNAP! - Awarded to teams, where both team members have earned the same amount of trophies during Period 5. SNAP! used by hibpshman 2,000
Eliminated in 15th position, 54,311 TT below safety 103 4,680 11,380
Best Trophies This Period TT
hibpshman God of War Father and Son Father and SonObtain all other trophies 300
hibpshman Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters Fear This! Fear This!Collect all trophies. 229
hibpshman Root Letter √Letter √LetterYou got all the trophies! 226
hibpshman Deponia Deponia unlocked! Deponia unlocked!Complete every trophy of the game. 220
SxyRxy22 Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek Platinum PlatinumUnlock every Trophy. 205
hibpshman Chaos on Deponia Platinum Chalice Platinum ChaliceYou unlocked all other trophies. 204
hibpshman Goodbye Deponia Platinum Chalice Platinum ChaliceYou unlocked all other trophies. 195
hibpshman Word Sudoku by POWGI Letters Rejoice! Letters Rejoice!Collect all the trophies 190
hibpshman Borderlands 3 Bye, Felicia! Bye, Felicia!Complete mission "Divine Retribution". 117
hibpshman Root Letter Finding the Truth! Finding the Truth!All routes completed. 112