Knackin' on Heaven's DoorKnackin' on Heaven's Door

Start Current Period
Mullicxan Mullicxan 18,024 597,765 801,603 18,483 629,400 833,941 459 31,635 32,338
HakuMH4U HakuMH4U 4,433 131,310 224,651 4,439 131,655 225,672 6 345 1,021
Bonuses Value
Deploying Health Drone! - Here's your birthday present! Use this to administer medical aid to both team members when necessary. Deploying Health Drone! used by HakuMH4U 2,000
Spelling Bee - Awarded to teams, where *both* members spell the phrase "This is for the players" with the first letter of each unlocked trophy counting towards the phrase. (Does not have to be in one run) Spelling Bee used by HakuMH4U 2,000
SNAP! - Awarded to teams, where both team members have earned the same amount of trophies during Period 5. SNAP! used by HakuMH4U 2,000
Better than average - Awarded to teams, who end the period with a ratio of 1.5 or higher on the period leaderboard. Better than average used by HakuMH4U 2,000
Eliminated in 10th position, 24,332 TT below safety 465 31,980 41,359
Best Trophies This Period TT
HakuMH4U Caladrius Blaze Fly Caladrius! Fly Caladrius!Blessed one who has achieved all trophies! 553
HakuMH4U Caladrius Blaze Tightly Grasped Glory Tightly Grasped GloryYou have cleared all levels without losing a single life! (Started from Story Mode Level 1, Solo Play, Easy or higher difficulty, No Damage OFF) 265
Mullicxan One Night Stand One Night Stand One Night StandGet all other trophies 194
Mullicxan Neon Junctions Platinum Junction Platinum JunctionGet all other trophies 191
Mullicxan Word Sudoku by POWGI Letters Rejoice! Letters Rejoice!Collect all the trophies 190
Mullicxan Crossovers by POWGI Crossoverachiever CrossoverachieverCollect all the trophies 190
Mullicxan Zeus Quest Remastered FINISH THE GAME FINISH THE GAMEFinish the game and see its ending. 190
Mullicxan Bouncy Bullets (Vita) Bouncy platinum Bouncy platinumGet all the trophies. 189
Mullicxan Energy Invasion (Asia) Energy Invasion Platinum Energy Invasion PlatinumGood job! Completed all tasks! 189
Mullicxan Himno (Vita) Platinum Himno Platinum HimnoGet all other trophies. 188