Start Current Period
A_Tennis_Giraffe A_Tennis_Giraffe 6,983 198,300 338,808 7,003 198,810 339,734 20 510 926
Bonuses Value
Plat's a wrap! - Awarded for earning a Platinum trophy with a ratio of 1.5 or greater by the end of Period 2. Plat's a wrap! used by A_Tennis_Giraffe 1,000
Multi-faceted - Awarded for earning at least 1 trophy from games spanning a total of 10 or more different genres. Multi-faceted used by A_Tennis_Giraffe 1,000
Sorry for the novel! - Ended the period having earned 20 or more trophies flagged as Main Storyline. Sorry for the novel! used by A_Tennis_Giraffe 1,000
Eliminated in 61st position, 3,709 TT below safety 20 510 3,926
Best Trophies This Period TT
A_Tennis_Giraffe WRC 6 WRC Champion WRC ChampionComplete a WRC season and become champion 176
A_Tennis_Giraffe Killzone 2 Untouchable UntouchableComplete all missions on any difficulty level without dying 90
A_Tennis_Giraffe WRC 6 Perfectionist PerfectionistWin all Stages (excluding SSS) in solo mode 71
A_Tennis_Giraffe WRC 6 Talent TalentWin all SSS in solo mode 64
A_Tennis_Giraffe WRC 6 Completionist CompletionistComplete all Stages (excluding SSS) in solo mode 59
A_Tennis_Giraffe WRC 6 Poser PoserComplete all SSS in solo mode 55
A_Tennis_Giraffe WRC 6 Globetrotter GlobetrotterComplete a Stage in each country in solo mode 55
A_Tennis_Giraffe Mahjong Gold (EU) Bounty hunter Bounty hunterEarn 100.000 points 47
A_Tennis_Giraffe Mahjong Gold (EU) Privateer trophy Privateer trophyEarn 30 stars 47
A_Tennis_Giraffe Mahjong Gold (EU) Sharp blade Sharp bladeRemove 1000 pairs of tiles 47