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HelixNebula_x HelixNebula_x 10,314 299,550 415,128 10,353 301,305 417,326 39 1,755 2,199
Bonuses Value
Medkit here! - Here's your birthday present! Use this to patch yourself up when you need it. Medkit here! used by HelixNebula_x 1,000
Eliminated in 86th position, 751 TT below safety 39 1,755 3,199
Best Trophies This Period TT
HelixNebula_x Jigsaw Zen True Zen True ZenComplete all Jigsaw Zen Trophies 190
HelixNebula_x Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition The Gully The GullyCompleted the larger challenge in The Gully coliseum 100
HelixNebula_x Jigsaw Zen Jigsaw Pro Jigsaw ProComplete 25 Puzzles 95
HelixNebula_x Jigsaw Zen Jigsaw Expert Jigsaw ExpertComplete a 252-piece Puzzle 94
HelixNebula_x Jigsaw Zen Jigsaw Master Jigsaw MasterComplete a 252-piece Puzzle in under 1 hour 94
HelixNebula_x Jigsaw Zen Speedy Buddha Speedy BuddhaComplete a 112-piece puzzle in under 10 minutes 93
HelixNebula_x Jigsaw Zen Fast Jig Fast JigComplete a 60-piece puzzle in under 4 minutes 93
HelixNebula_x Jigsaw Zen Twister TwisterComplete a puzzle with rotation On 92
HelixNebula_x Jigsaw Zen In the Dark In the DarkComplete a puzzle with Background OFF 92
HelixNebula_x Jigsaw Zen Jigsaw Amateur Jigsaw AmateurComplete 3rd Puzzle 91

HelixNebula_x419,804 (302,775)England

Anyone picking up Concrete Genie? Looks really interesting to me but I'm undecided

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