Start Current Period
Gamer TT Difference TT Difference TT Difference
inabox44 inabox44 7,082 246,073 7,459 290,986 377 44,913
Bonuses Value
3rd position 377 44,913
Best Trophies This Period TT Difference
inabox44 Mars Horizon Mars Horizon Mars HorizonCollect all Trophies in Mars Horizon 2,477
inabox44 Pile Up! Box by Box Boxling BoxlingUnlock all other trophies 1,178
inabox44 John Wick Hex Death's Very Emissary Death's Very EmissaryCompleted every trophy for the game. 1,142
inabox44 Portal Knights Ultimate Portal Knight Ultimate Portal KnightUnlock all other trophies. 994
inabox44 Anno 1800 Console Edition Anno Expert Anno ExpertObtain all available trophies. 959
inabox44 Evergate Evergate EvergateEarn all other trophies. 930
inabox44 Astria Ascending Completionist CompletionistCongratulations on completing the game! Your name will forever be etched into the stars. 881
inabox44 Blacksad: Under the Skin Under Your Skin Under Your SkinGet all trophies in the game. 795
inabox44 Legends of Ethernal Legend LegendYou are now part of the Legend. 746
inabox44 Disco Elysium: The Final Cut Disco Elysium Disco ElysiumRevachol believes in you 738



Getting 3rd on the solo side of GTTSC this year was a highlight of my gaming career. Had an incredible time with the contest, and GGs to everyone <3

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