Sean Lawson

Sean Lawson

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Staff Writer
June 2022
Sean is a Staff Writer with a focus on the geekiest Sony news. He writes stories about unobtainable PlayStation trophies, the best PS Plus games, as well as RPGs and Fighting games. He is also excited for Tekken 8, Dragon Age Dreadwolf, Baldur's Gate 3, and Dragon's Dogma 2 to launch on PS5. Sean’s favourite games include Mass Effect, Tomb Raider, Tekken, and Persona.
Narrative-driven games, RPGs/JRPGs, Hack’N’Slash, Fighting
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The Dark Picture Anthology The Devil In Me mini-review

Despite middling reviews from early release, The Dark Pictures Anthology The Devil in Me is a fantastic addition to the series and a brilliant way to close off the first season of the franchise — yet, it does have its flaws.

Posted 11 months ago

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All the Forspoken spells and powers for the PS5 exclusive

Forspoken is here and we now have access to an arsenal of spells! Some of which are incredibly powerful and able to obliterate your foes in mere seconds. Check out all of the powers Forspoken offers up to PS5 players.

Posted 10 months ago

The biggest disappointments for PS5 and PS4 players in 2022

2022 was a fantastic year for PlayStation, with smash hits coming left, right, and centre. With so much success there were bound to be a few lows in between the highs. The TT news team pick some of their big disappointments.

Posted 9 months ago

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