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Micro Machines World Series Delayed to June

Announced in mid-January for an April release, Codemasters' and Koch Media's Micro Machine World Series has been delayed to June. I now have reason to fear for this snowman's life.

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Latest HITMAN Elusive Target Live in Hokkaido

The latest Elusive Target is live in HITMAN in the Hokkaido location. We're a touch late on picking up on this one, but luckily you've still got until Friday, March 3rd to take this one out. Try viral infection for added fun!

Posted 3 days ago, 0 comments

Chris Redfield to Return in Upcoming Free Resident Evil 7 DLC

Capcom has confirmed players' suspicions that Chris Redfield will star in the upcoming free DLC for Resident Evil 7 entitled "Not a Hero." Some information, along with images, were teased on the game's official Twitter account.

Posted 3 days ago, 4 comments

Serial Cleaner Announced for Consoles

You know in crime movies, how there are always big shootouts where dozens of people die and the entire house is splattered in blood, guts and body parts? Well, somebody has to clean that up. That person could be you!

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Battleborn's Fifth Story DLC Out Now

As of Thursday, Battleborn's fifth and final DLC is now live in-game. This is the last story DLC to which the season pass alludes, and sees Phoebe taking a trip to the treacherous Aztanti ruins. It's okay though; it's for science.

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Paladins Closed Alpha Patch Looks to Fix Card Collecting Issue

Two weeks ago, the Paladins closed alpha was updated with the newest character, map and more, but it broke the Master Collector trophy. According to the patch notes, this should now be alleviated.

Posted 5 days ago, 1 comment

SMITE Console Patch 4.2 Arrives Wednesday

After SMITE's huge Season 4 update, it's time to get back down to business with smaller and more regular updates. Patch 4.2 continues to iron out the issues of Season 4 and adds a new god named Kuzenbo.

Posted 7 days ago, 1 comment

Rocket League Releases Hot Wheels Patch

Today Psyonix released the "Hot Wheels" DLC for Rocket League, along with its accompanying update. The DLC added two purchasable battle cars and the update has the usual array of new content and fixes.

Posted 7 days ago, 2 comments

A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV to Be Free Starting March 1st

Today Square Enix has revealed they will be releasing A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV a free download available to everyone starting March 1st. It was formerly a FFXV preorder bonus exclusive to select retailers.

Posted 9 days ago, 2 comments

ARK: Survival Evolved Releases the TEK Tier Update With a Valentine's Event

Thursday marked the release of ARK: Survival Evolved's epic — and a little bit, shall we say, out there — TEK Tier update, which added futuristic armor, weapons and equipment.

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