Crimsonland (Vita)

Crimsonland (Vita)

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Crimsonland (Vita) Trophies

Chapter 1 Complete
Bronze Trophy

Chapter 1 Complete15 (15)

Complete all Quests in Chapter 1.

Chapter 2 Complete
Bronze Trophy

Chapter 2 Complete17 (15)

Complete all Quests in Chapter 2.

Chapter 3 Complete
Bronze Trophy

Chapter 3 Complete18 (15)

Complete all Quests in Chapter 3.

Chapter 4 Complete
Bronze Trophy

Chapter 4 Complete19 (15)

Complete all Quests in Chapter 4.

Chapter 5 Complete
Bronze Trophy

Chapter 5 Complete20 (15)

Complete all Quests in Chapter 5.

Chapter 6 Complete
Bronze Trophy

Chapter 6 Complete22 (15)

Complete all Quests in Chapter 6.

Club Hardcore
Bronze Trophy

Club Hardcore45 (15)

Complete the game in Hardcore difficulty.

Grim Reaper
Bronze Trophy

Grim Reaper49 (15)

Beat the game in Grim difficulty.

Not a Scratch
Bronze Trophy

Not a Scratch45 (15)

Complete all Normal Quest levels with full health remaining.

Bronze Trophy

Impaler16 (15)

Get 100 percent hit accuracy in Chapter 2 Quest 5.

Smart Pack Rat
Bronze Trophy

Smart Pack Rat45 (15)

Collect 50 Blowtorches.

Master of Chains
Bronze Trophy

Master of Chains17 (15)

Bounce Shock Chain powerup over 30 times.

Home Wrecker
Bronze Trophy

Home Wrecker19 (15)

Destroy over 500 nests.

Bloody Good Time
Bronze Trophy

Bloody Good Time15 (15)

Explode 50 creatures to gibs within the first 30 seconds of a level.

Bronze Trophy

Perky41 (15)

Unlock all Perks.

Little Survivor
Bronze Trophy

Little Survivor29 (15)

Get over 250k points in Survival game mode.

Mr Survivor
Bronze Trophy

Mr Survivor55 (15)

Get over 500k points in Survival game mode.

Arms Race
Bronze Trophy

Arms Race35 (15)

Get over 100k points in Weapon Picker game mode.

Feel the Rush
Bronze Trophy

Feel the Rush55 (15)

Get over 50k points in Rush game mode.

Bronze Trophy

Quickly!45 (15)

Get over 250k points in Blitz game mode.

Bronze Trophy

Booom45 (15)

Get over 75k points in Nukefism game mode.