Obut Pétanque 2

Obut Pétanque 2

= 32 Obut Pétanque 2 trophies

10 tracked gamers have this game, 4 have completed it (40.00%)

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Obut Pétanque 2 Trophies

Petanque King!
Platinum Trophy

Petanque King!285 (180)

Unlock all Trophies

Loyal consumer
Bronze Trophy

Loyal consumer15 (15)

Buy an item in the shop

Silver Trophy

Sniper!42 (30)

Score 50 points during a precision match

Buy them all!
Silver Trophy

Buy them all!36 (30)

Buy everything in the shop

Eagle eye
Gold Trophy

Eagle eye142 (90)

Score 75 points during a precision match

Bronze Trophy

Fanny!16 (15)

Win a match without letting your opponent score any points in Easy Level

Who’s Fanny now?
Silver Trophy

Who’s Fanny now?34 (30)

Win a match without letting your opponent score any points in Medium Level

The Fanny Master
Gold Trophy

The Fanny Master108 (90)

Win a match without letting your opponent score any points in Hard Level

Great win!
Silver Trophy

Great win!34 (30)

Win a match while beating your opponent by at least 7 points (in a 13 point match)

Professional thrower
Bronze Trophy

Professional thrower17 (15)

Score 25 points during a precision match

Ultimate player
Bronze Trophy

Ultimate player17 (15)

Maximize the stats of one player in your team

Ultimate team
Gold Trophy

Ultimate team116 (90)

Maximize the stats of at least 3 players in your team

Prince of the Tournament
Bronze Trophy

Prince of the Tournament21 (15)

Win 15 tournaments in Career mode

Silver Trophy

Finally...39 (30)

Win 4 championships in Career mode

Never enough!
Gold Trophy

Never enough!101 (90)

Buy 60 skills levels

Bronze Trophy

Carreau17 (15)

Make a carreau

Carreau Hero!
Gold Trophy

Carreau Hero!142 (90)

Make a carreau 6 times in a game

Surgical strike...
Bronze Trophy

Surgical strike...16 (15)

Make a pointer shot within 5cm of the jack

A little practice?
Bronze Trophy

A little practice?17 (15)

Complete 50 training sessions

All or nothing...
Bronze Trophy

All or nothing...18 (15)

Go from losing to winning on the last throw of the end

Is there a problem?
Silver Trophy

Is there a problem?36 (30)

Come back from 7 points down to win

Nothing ventured, nothing gained
Bronze Trophy

Nothing ventured, nothing gained19 (15)

Involve the same member in all Training sessions between two championship matches

I'm a fighter!
Bronze Trophy

I'm a fighter!24 (15)

Win 3 championship games in a row

Hardcore gamer
Silver Trophy

Hardcore gamer47 (30)

Play 100 games in Career mode

Petanque Veteran
Gold Trophy

Petanque Veteran142 (90)

Win 100 games in Career mode

Super Smash!
Bronze Trophy

Super Smash!17 (15)

Hit two opposing boules with a single throw